Analyze Your Current World

Once you’ve answered the questions and gathered any additional information regarding your current world, analyze what you’ve learned and look for the interrelationships between aspects of each of the different categories of questions.

For example;

  • Is satisfaction at an all-time low because the people who are expected to do the process have not been trained for what they are being expected to do?
  • Are your processes not able to deliver the services needed because the technology is out-dated and doesn’t allow you to keep up with your customer’s desire?
  • Does the outside world require that your people are certified and because they can’t afford to attend training due to the economic climate a pain point exists?

You get the idea… the ability to truly understand where you are will come from putting together all of the pieces of your current state.

One other important note — the questions in the prior blog posts sound like they are getting at a current state assessment for the entire organization, but these same questions apply when you are looking at making a change to one department.  They will work at either a macro or a micro level.

Think of the specific area that you are looking to change as being “my organization” and look to the next level out from you as being your customer.  Even if you are not providing services to a customer outside of your organization, every other area internal to your organization who uses what you provide is your internal customer — always think of them as a customer deserving of all of the same attention as an external customer!

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