New Becomes Ubiquitous

Please bear with me as I continue on a bit of a track related to technology and the impact / change it has on our lives.  I continue to think of the impact that Steve Jobs has had on our world.

A bit of a back story to this — Liz Logelin was a friend of our family, who passed away the day after giving birth to her daughter Madeleine.  Her husband Matt Logelin has been blogging, and ended up publishing a book about his experience, and also establishing a foundation in Liz’s name to help other widows and widowers.  Out of the ashes, a phoenix rises again…

This quote on Matt’s blog where he was talking about Maddy’s expectations of technology struck me —

“(it’s funny, she gets a little pissed when screens don’t respond to touch. like our tv and a few of the lightboxes at the museum. she doesn’t understand that this is relatively new technology for the world. children of her generation will find our non touch-screen screens to be as primitive as my generation found b&w televisions).”

This is an example to me of when “new” becomes “ubiquitous”.  For each generation, there will be things that are part of their daily lives that the generation before couldn’t have even imagined.  And the new generation can’t imagine what it could have been like without it!  The pace of change is rapid — be prepared and be open.

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