It’s been a year!

In the back of my mind, I knew that Michelle and I were approaching our one year anniversary with our blog.  Today I went back and looked at the date on our first blog entry — November 30, 2010.  So, it’s actually been a bit over a year!

It’s interesting to reflect and recognize the patterns in our writing.  Our initial blog posts were very tactical… we have a lot of good solid experience executing change initiatives and wanted to write about what we had encountered, the patterns we recognize in change efforts, and how we think change needs to be approached to be successful and sustainable.

Ok, so once we said all that — then what?  Speaking for me, personally, I’ve enjoyed the opportunity to think and write about change happening in a broader context — sometimes a little more philosophical, a little more societal — but still with occasional dives back into the tactical because what we really want our approach to drive is an understanding that when change is well-planned and well-executed it is so rewarding.

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