Walk a mile…

This article by Steve Cody on Inc.com is a great example of how to really understand the current state of your organization in order to understand where you’re starting from if you need to make a change.

“It’s my belief that you can’t truly understand your business unless you’ve experienced it from the ground up. While you may pore over profit-and-loss statements, immerse yourself in the interview process, and personally lead the sales and marketing efforts, you haven’t done a damn thing if you haven’t worked at your reception desk for a full day.”

Steve Cody has spent multiple days job swapping at different positions throughout Peppercom, the company he co-founded.  The day he spent job swapping at the receptionist desk at the NYC office was “eye-opening”…

“I also saw, first-hand, what a crucial role the receptionist plays within any organization.

The receptionist is the first person with whom a customer, prospective customer, employee, or prospective employee interacts. The receptionist is also the brand ambassador with every one of your vendors as well as being the de facto, go-to person whenever the chips are down and an extra pair of arms and legs are needed.

Working as Peppercom’s receptionist for a day gave me a subtle, but crucial, peak under the hood of what it must be like to experience my firm as an outsider. As a result, I’ve become much more aware of treating our receptionist as a full peer (if not superior) and ensuring that he continues to adore his work and represent us in the most positive way possible.”

Never underestimate the value of every role within your organization when it comes to implementing change, and make sure that you’ve got your most visible people involved as change agents.  Anybody can be a face to your customers, and it’s important to make sure that it’s a positive face!

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