What Makes You Remarkable?

While our main focus at wHolistic Change is on corporate transformation, equally important is personal transformation. As your change agents drive your change, some people will perceive the change team and their actions as negative, disruptive, and potentially not in the impacted people’s best interests.

Jeff Haden’s Inc.com article, the 8 Qualities of Remarkable Employees, describes the traits of remarkable employees who make a dramatic impact on business performance:

  1. They ignore job descriptions
  2. They’re eccentric
  3. But they know when to dial it back
  4. They publicly praise
  5. And they privately complain
  6. They speak when others won’t
  7. They like to prove others wrong
  8. They’re always fiddling 

I love this list of 8 qualities and believe they are necessary to lead a successful change; yet I also recognize that remarkable is in the eyes of the beholder: people who possess these qualities may upset their peers, managers, or impacted subject matter experts when they act according to their nature, and exhibit these qualities as they drive corporate change.

In the hopes that all change agents will be inspired to embrace the qualities that make them remarkable, I have created this video. Enjoy!

About Michelle Smeby

Michelle Smeby is CEO of wHolistic Change, Inc. with more than 10 years of experience implementing enterprise solutions at Fortune 100 companies. Michelle specializes in helping corporations deliver transformational change.

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