Enabling change to happen

There are many motivations for making a change, but no matter how badly your organization needs to change, if there are no resources provided for the effort, it won’t happen.  Change takes time, planning, people, and funding.

To enable successful change to happen, an organization needs to acknowledge that this will not be free.  Up front expense needs to be incurred to implement the change.  The expense may be paid back many-fold after the organization is running differently, but it’s not realistic to think that you will be able to turn a key one day and have immediate benefit.  If you ever see that kind of a turn key benefit, look a bit farther back and I bet you’ll find significant planning that went into what appeared to be a seamless transition.  Now that is successful change, when it appears to be effortless!

When you think about the resources that will need to be provided for the effort, consider how quickly the change needs to be instituted — the faster the pace, the more up-front money is needed.  To make a rapid change, you will likely need to augment existing staff to still have business operations covered and to have the change be planned and managed.

If you are in a situation where you’re trying to implement change and you have insufficient resources with no opportunity to get more — either people or money — consider if you can cut back the scope of the change, or maybe the pace of the change.  Get it back to the point where it’s manageable within what resources you have and you still have a chance at success.

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