The Change Team – Important Roles

In my last blog I introduced a technique for visualizing the stakeholders of a change effort – called a wHolistic Framework.  Identifying the impacted stakeholders is crucial to the change effort, but let’s go a step beyond that.

There are other roles you’ll need for successful change, including: facilitator, integrator, communicator, champion, sponsor, change agent, subject matter expert, along with a named owner for each impacted stakeholder you’ve identified on your wHolistic Framework.

What do each of these roles cover?  Here’s a brief description and then we’ll dive into more detailed descriptions going forward.

Facilitator: this role knows how to get everybody talking in an effective manner

Integrator: the integrator can take all of the different pieces and put them together into a whole that makes sense

Communicator: this is probably the most important role when it comes to making change successful and less painful — you can never over-communicate!

Champion: there will likely be resistance and barriers to adoption that your champion(s) will help you push past

Sponsor: every effort needs a sponsor who will ensure the needed resources are available — both financial and human resources

Change Agent: for the new world to catch on and go, you will need people in the trenches who are change agents – they will have the passion to make it work and to maintain it long term

Subject Matter Expert: to truly glean improvements from a change effort, you need a complete understanding of the current world, and what your future world could be — subject matter experts provide this

Owner: each impacted stakeholder needs to provide somebody who is the owner of their world, who will participate in the change and govern the on-going operations after the change is implemented

More to come in future blog posts!

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