Focus and Refocus

When a change effort is first started there can be a lot of excitement and buzz about what’s happening.  The excitement and buzz can take either a positive or a negative direction, but it’s there.  People will pay attention because they have a vested interest in what this means to them personally. 

Communication at the start focuses everybody on the same goals and objectives; the same vision of the future; and the same understanding of how the change is going to happen.  This point may be your highest point of positive energy and your highest point of negative energy.

Keep on top of your communication, keep checking in with everybody, but there is a good likelihood that something will come along and blindside you.

At that point, refocus!  Bring everybody back to the common understanding and principles that you started with.  Make sure that your case for change is still valid, and then start moving forward again.

You may have to do this a few times during the change effort.  Your goal is to have the up and down swings diminish in intensity over time.  When you reach a point where everybody approaches equilibrium and satisfaction, you are there!

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