Know Your Current World

When you start planning your change, make sure you understand what your current world looks like.  To move the organization from here to there, you have to know where “here” is.

Anecdotal evidence might have been the motivation for saying that a change was needed.  But how bad are things really — reality may be better (or worse) than you think!  Or, how different really is that new thing that you’re trying to go after from where you are now. With the results of a current state assessment you will have a fact-based start to planning your change.

Some of the elements to be evaluated in a current state assessment include;

  • Services – what are the services or products that your organization provides
  • People – what does your workforce look like
  • Process – what do the current processes look like
  • Technology – what are the tools and systems that are used by your people, within the processes, in order to provide the services
  • Culture – what is the common shared culture of your organization
  • Satisfaction – this one’s not easy – try to measure the general satisfaction level of your workforce
  • Pain Points – what are the issues that are disrupting your current world
  • Outside World – what does the world around your organization look like and how does it affect you

I’ll go into more detail on these elements in upcoming posts.

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