Describe Your Future World

What are your goals for the change?  What does your world look like when the change is implemented and things have calmed and your organization is performing?  Put in writing what you expect of the future.

Similar to all of the elements that you needed to look at when you made your current world assessment, describe your future world according to those same elements.

  • Services – what are the services and/or products that your organization will provide
  • People – what will your workforce look like
  • Process – what will your processes look like
  • Technology – what tools and systems will you use
  • Culture – what will your organizational culture look like
  • Satisfaction – what level of satisfaction will your workforce exhibit
  • Pain Points – what are the issues that will be disrupting your future world
  • Outside World – what will the world outside your organization look like

When you are describing your future, it will be important to understand the priority of each element — what is a “must have”, and what is a “nice to have”, along with any interconnection between the different elements.  If one of the elements is “must have”, then any other element that is needed to achieve the first one also becomes a “must have”.

For example, you are bringing a new product to market (must have) — in order to provide the new service (product), you will need new technology and process, with people who have been trained to use the new technology in order to produce the product.  An improvement in workforce satisfaction (nice to have) may result from this, but you can still achieve your goal of bringing a new product to market without making any change in workforce satisfaction.

If workforce satisfaction is your must have, then what are the other elements that will get you the needed impact on satisfaction — maybe eliminating pain points, or culture changes, or better processes and/or technology, etc.?

Describe your future and understand your priorities — you will need to be very certain of what is a “must have” and a “nice to have” when you start executing the change.

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