When change “morphs”

There are change efforts that take a long time to implement.  It’s very likely that somewhere along the way your change is going to change.

A while ago I had blogged about “focus and re-focus“.  This blog is a follow on to that topic.  When you do the re-focusing and you find that the vision and the future world needs have actually changed, you need to take a step back and spend some time re-planning the change.

If it’s a minor adjustment this may not take long.  Bigger shifts may mean that you really need to go back to the beginning with understanding stakeholder impacts and putting together a new change plan. 

This can be very hard on your sponsors and change agents — they have been on board and are moving you forward toward an understood vision and now they need to shift.  You’ll need to bring them back together, lay out what’s different, and get their commitment and buy-in again.  How easy this will be, will depend on much your change has “morphed”.

Communicate out to the world so that everybody impacted understands the new vision, and make sure that all components of the services, people, process, and technology changes are aligned to the new vision.

Recognizing that change will change will help you to remain open and fluid… good survival tactic!

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