We’ve been talking lately about ensuring that people are successful at getting through the change and afterwards.  Training and development are likely to be needed to achieve that success.

The training side can be formal or informal.  If you need people to learn new skills and there is formal training targeted to those skills already available, include the training in your change plan.  You will need to determine if this is something that the organization will provide completely, or if the employee will be asked to also contribute something to this.  For example, if you need people to be certified in a particular skill, and that skill is very portable, achieving that certification can be as valuable to the employee as to the organization and it may be reasonable to ask for the employee to do the training on their own time and to even pay for it.

Take a look at how other organizations have approached providing training for their employees in similar situations.  Then decide if you will stay within the norm, or if you might do more as a way to differentiate your organization as an employer of choice.  Understand that if the training you are asking an employee to take is specific only to your organization, then there is not a lot of incentive for the employee to contribute their own time or money to this.

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