How do you deal with “hard”?

Have we said before how hard change is?  I think probably so, but want to circle back to this topic again.

How do you keep spirits up in the face of resistance and what appears to be either outright hostility to the change you’re trying to implement, or back-room maneuvering that seems to have a goal of undermining the direction you’re heading.

I don’t have any great answers to this question, and would love to know if any of you do?

Some thoughts from the perspective of what a Sponsor can do…

  • figure out a way to nurture your change agents, some extra special treatment might be in order.  After a really stressful meeting, for example, tell them to take a couple of hours and do something that is relaxing for them – maybe walking outside if your workplace is in an environment conducive to that, maybe send them to go get a cup of coffee someplace outside of your building, maybe give them an assignment for a task of short duration that they can do well and be successful at!
  • make sure that your change agents are recognized for the efforts they’re making – both to their peers and their management.  And, if appropriate, to the whole organization!
  • perhaps most importantly of all, support them and back them up.  When the resistance they’re running into is something that you can deal with, then deal with it!  Your role as Sponsor should give you some weight to throw around — recognize when it’s really needed and don’t be afraid to use it.
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