Experiencing Change to Adopt the Change

One reason we at wHolistic ChangeSM recommend multiple methods of communication, training and development is because our goal is to set your employees up for success: we want everyone impacted by the change to be appropriately engaged and to have all of the tools they need to adopt the change.

One visual that helps describe how people learn something new is Edgar Dale’s Cone of Experience.

While at the top of the cone, people will be able to understand the (abstract) concept of the change through attending a PowerPoint presentation. However, if the nature of the change involves specific (concrete) behaviors that you desire your employees learn (or unlearn), direct, experiential learning will also need to happen. As we have mentioned in earlier posts, it will be essential to develop materials that impact all levels of the Cone of Experience, to ensure that you have created a lasting change.

Ensure that your change team leverages your corporate communications and training departments to develop the specific support materials you will need to make your change a success. Your Communities of Practice will be excellent teams to provide success stories for usage in the dramatized experiences and to pilot what you create to ensure all of your communications invoke the desired response: enthusiasm to adopt the change!

About Michelle Smeby

Michelle Smeby is CEO of wHolistic Change, Inc. with more than 10 years of experience implementing enterprise solutions at Fortune 100 companies. Michelle specializes in helping corporations deliver transformational change.
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