Personal Goals and Organizational Goals

There are a lot of reasons that change is successful.  Here’s just one — you have figured out how to align personal goals with the organizational goals.  As you’re defining the goals for the organization, put some thought into whether or not they are something that an individual can grab onto, make their own, and be proud to claim ownership of.

We don’t all work for non-profits whose mission is to better the world.  But, the intent of organizational change is to better our organizations.  Within that construct, plan for how to allow each person to feel that they are making a personal contribution, and how to make sure they’re invested.

Defining a goal of increasing revenue certainly is of benefit to the organization, and is something an individual can relate to if they can see that they will share in the benefit — but tread cautiously using that goal alone.  This is the kind of goal that can stress your employees if they feel that the organization making more money is the only objective and they will be out of a job if they don’t meet up to whatever the revenue expectations are.  This isn’t likely to get personal goals aligned with organizational goals in any kind of a positive way.

Within the context of the organizational goal, ask questions of your people — and truly listen to their answers — to find out how they think they can contribute.  If you can use their ideas and their energy, and let them lead pieces of the change, you will definitely have their personal motivation aligned with the organization’s.

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