Common Heroes

To make change happen takes many people, acting in various roles, with varying degrees of visibility.  It will be easy to pick out the champions and change agents — they will naturally come to the front.  It is also equally important to recognize who your common heroes are.

Your common heroes are the people being impacted by the change who may not have been the leader, and may not have been the first follower, and may not be the voice talking up the change, but who willingly and cheerfully give it a try — with an open mind and without prejudice.

In spite of any grumbling and disagreement they might be hearing, they have the courage and positive attitude to not be swayed and to decide for themselves whether the change is going to be an improvement.  And, after trying out the change, based on their own experience, they are willing to come back and give you honest feedback and provide suggestions for how to make things better still.

Without having a leadership role, the day-to-day example that these people set for their peers and the subtle influence they can bring to bear, is so important in bringing an organization along to the future.  Your common heroes can be a crucial key to your success.

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