“Sticky” Change

There are some changes that “stick”, and some that don’t.  Here are a few common characteristics of the change efforts that are successful and that manage to continue on.

There is a clear message and everybody knows the reason for why the change was made.  Whether the message makes it through will be a result of the communication planning and execution.  Without a clear message, confusion will reign after the change is implemented, and you won’t have people working toward a common goal.

The outcome of the change is valued and desirable.  If the change makes you a better organization, what is not to like about it, and why would you not keep it going?  And, if on a personal level, your people also benefit from learning new skills, receiving new training, etc. you’ve got individual motivation for being on board.

Life did not get harder as a result of the change.  If the change has now made daily life simpler, clearer, and people’s jobs did not get harder or more complex, you’ve got something going that is sustainable.

The change is nimble and able to be continuously improved.   When the change is too rigid and leaves no room for improvement it can quickly become outdated.  A nimble process that is adaptable to a changing business environment and marketplace leaves you positioned positively and able to keep getting better.


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