Evolving Requirements

I recently blogged about the Kano model which helps to classify all of your business requirements into dissatisfiers (those basic expected features without which your customers will be unhappy), satisfiers (features that the more of them delivered, the happier your customers will be) and delighters (unexpected, differentiating features that surprise and delight your customers).

Just as Patty has blogged about how your change may evolve, it is important to keep in mind that in terms of customer expectations, satisfiers quickly become dissatisfiers (things that customers do not want to live without), and delighters become satisfiers (breakthroughs become expected offerings). I think this quote from the CEO of Best Buy in engadget a year ago exemplifies how quickly customer expectations (and buying habits) can evolve:

The dude in charge of the yellow label empire has told the Wall Street Journal that his company’s internal estimates indicate the iPad has eaten up as much as half of laptop PC market demand. In response to this perceived trend toward more portable gadgets, Brian’s outfit is rearranging its inventory to include more e-readers, tablets and smartphones for this holiday season, while slimming down its selection of desktops and HDTVs.

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