Picturing the Change

Never underestimate the power of a picture to tell a story…

There is legislation being introduced in the US Congress focused on a desired change.  This is a big bill, with a lot of content — yet, this graphic tells a whole lot of story, with very few words.

1 infographic, 5 million jobs

The 99% Act is the best bill we’ve seen in Washington in a long time. But it can be hard to remember the details or explain them to friends and family. This infographic spells out exactly how the 99% Act will help turn our economy around.

Whether the bill can deliver on its promises, or not, the salient point that I took from the paragraph above is “it can be hard to remember the details or explain them to friends and family“.  The same thing is true in your organization when you are trying to implement a change that is complicated, or large in scope.

Consider how you can use visuals to get the message across to all of the impacted stakeholders.  We’ve identified a change roadmap as one visual tool to use, however it is much more geared to communicating the change implementation plan and is a tool that you can use to double check that you’ve made sure that everything is coordinated and you’ve done what is needed to make sure all aspects are ready at the right time and that you haven’t overloaded any particular area.

Communicating the vision of the change through a succinct graphic is a different kind of message.  It is definitely worth enlisting a graphic designer / artist who can put your vision to image!

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