Buzzword Bingo

Ok, here’s a little fun — in this article are listed some of the most commonly used “buzzwords” in business today.  Words like — core competency, buy-in, reach out, empower, leverage, etc.

This is not new.  At one of my former jobs (a certain number of years ago) there was circulating throughout the department a sheet of paper that was surreptitiously used during departmental meetings to play “buzzword bingo”.  It got hard to explain why there were occasional outbursts of laughter that really didn’t suit the current meeting topic, or why people were comparing “notes” after the meeting.

But, after poking fun at ourselves for the words and phrases that we sometimes use, I think it’s also important to recognize that these buzzwords have a place in our cultural language because they can convey a commonly understood concept — a cultural shorthand, perhaps.  Use them where appropriate, and just be careful not to overuse them!

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