Even Coaches Need Coaches

One of my dearest friends works as a professional coach. She and I recently discussed the challenges that executives often face because of their positions: “C” level people are expected to set the vision for the corporation, to lead the organization through change, to have answers to the tough questions, and to provide coaching and mentoring to their subordinates.

What took my blog post from last year, “Everyone Needs Feedback,” to a whole new level was my friend’s admission that even as a professional coach, she has a coach!

Whatever positions we attain in our careers, either through responsibility, authority, or even simply influence, it is important for us to remember that we achieved those positions through mentoring and guidance from those who went before us. One program that I have had the honor to participate in both as a mentee and as a mentor is Menttium. This year, in recognition of the fact that senior to C-suite executives need mentors too, Menttium has added executive mentoring to their cross-company mentoring programs.

If we truly want to lead (and to inspire others to lead), we need to remain open and humble to accepting continued coaching!

About Michelle Smeby

Michelle Smeby is CEO of wHolistic Change, Inc. with more than 10 years of experience implementing enterprise solutions at Fortune 100 companies. Michelle specializes in helping corporations deliver transformational change.
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