What We Do

A common framework used to understand change impact is people, process, and technology.  What is different about wHolistic Change℠?  We add services to the framework in order to understand how people — they are the make or break of change — are being impacted by change.

4 Quadrants

Everything a person in your organization does for the organization is a service in some way – manufacturing a device, designing new products, taking customer calls, etc. Equally important are the services your people provide to your organization internally. When you need your people to do something different, the services they provide are changing.

We specialize in defining what successful change will look like, teaching change agents within your organization to execute the roadmap for change, and creating a culture change that lasts.

Product Offerings:

  • Business and IT Transformation Consulting Services
  • Change Facilitator and Change Agent Training Courses
  • wHolistic Change℠ Comprehensive Change Management Toolkit
  • Public Speaking
  • Book


wHolistic Change: Delivering Corporate Change That Lasts is a practical, how-to book that gives you information about change agents and the skills they’ll need to be effective; how to overcome resistance to change; and an end-to-end methodology with decision points to determine if your team is prepared to deliver a corporate change that will truly last.


Core Competencies:

  • Application Retirement and Decommissioning (Mergers & Acquisitions)
  • Business Process Development and Re-Engineering
  • Change Management
  • Organizational Readiness
  • Purpose-Driven End-to-End Product Life Cycle Management
  • Strategic Problem Solving

wHolistic ChangeSM focuses on implementing industry best practices that work within your corporate culture. We will not try to sell you a specific software package or vendor product.

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